The Next-LPG Pipe

The Next-LPG pipe is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and is designed for the high pressures used in LPG distribution. With an operating pressure of 25 bars ‘next-LPG’ pipe meets the high standards of safety in the LPG industry. The unique in the industry lining prevents of permeation by hydrocarbons while it conductive property ensures that static electricity dissipates safely.

The Next-LPG pipe is compliant with the new standard for composite LPG piping, EN 17613:2022 – LPG Equipment and accessories.


  • An underground connection from the tank to dispensers without joints.
  • Polyethylene in the underground does not need any protection nor isolation.
  • No inside corrosion – means no risk of loose particles inside of the pipe.
  • Electrostatically safe.
  • Easy and fast to install.


  • CE-approval – approved in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (components can be CE-marked).
  • EN approvals – approved in accordance with:
    • EN 17613:2022 (certificate of compliance)
    • EN 16125
    • EN 13463-1
    • EN 1555
    • EN 13445-3

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